Drama Queen

‘You are such a drama queen’. I get that phrase lots of time. Not only from my 2 oh-so-naughty little sisters, but also my best friends. But they have huge ignorance and, shall I say, tolerance of that negativity of mine.

Being a drama queen is not just making a big fuss about something. It also an expression about something (at least for me, there goes my defense) that’s occurred or occurring. I have to admit that it is hard sometimes to stand as a drama queen. Especially then would be judged as over reaction But if it’s natural, it’ll just shown and expressed out of nowhere.

Shakespeare stated once that ‘the world is a stage and we are merely players’. I couldn’t agree more to that. Though God is the highest power and the behold of every men’s script, but we, men are the ones that will do the acts and improvise.

I could cry excessively about small things that are touching. I could curse and laugh at a person at the same time. Just to show my emotions. Or at least reaction towards it. In fact, one of my ex boyfriend called me over reaction sometimes. Just because I reacted over small things.

But I don’t mind being ones. Hey, if there are no drama queens, we wouldn’t see Elton John to be put in no.1 as a Diva. We wouldn’t see celebrities in tabloids or infotainment. We, also, wouldn’t witnessed cold war, embargo, or any other political issues. Also several social reaction that are made by people whose afraid of being unacknowledged.

See, there goes me, with my negativity as a drama queen. Again, hey.., what do I need to say more. Besides I am just… a drama queen.

Oct 20th, 2009

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