once upon an evening text

‘I miss you’ I said.

‘Howcome?’ He said.

‘I don’t know..’ I replied.

His reply was ‘…….’.

‘I’ll be away.’ He said

‘I know.. for how long?’ I aksed.

‘Few weeks’ he replied.

‘Don’t you?’ I asked again.


‘Can you not?’ He asked.

‘I can’t.’ I replied.

The text somehow stopped.

‘I have an idea.’ He said.

‘What?’ I replied.

‘I’ll be away. We’ll be get used to with distance’

My turn in silence.

‘If I still can’t?’ I asked with a little hope.

‘I’ll hurt you more.’

‘Is this you pushing me away?’ I asked again.

‘Yes.’ He said.

‘If I refuse?’

‘Can you not be so stubborn?’ He requested.

‘Anyway, I’m tired. Malam.’ He said.

Then we never speak again. Like we used to. Sometimes I miss him, jist talk about sily things. But being silly is me who still wished to be toyed by him. Just to be with him.

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