She and He

She is a mid aged woman with an extraordinary past. He is a mid aged man with an extraordinary past. Extraordinary to them is getting through the bitter without tasting it back in the future, enduring the poignant with pain, only to die, and then having a rebirth. Reincarnation in the same body with a different soul.

They met in an extraordinary place after the past was buried. Where they were reborn with a coffin attached to their back as a reminder. A reminder of an extraordinary past. They exchanged stories and discussions until deciding to open their coffins carefully. Without fearing the dust that could remind them of an extraordinary past.

They walked in a time where the world around them was busy and exhausted. No one noticed where they went. No one noticed how they went out. All we knew was that they went out with all the bitterness and sweetness from the coffin.

But the world seemed too small for them to hide. Though hiding was never meant to be. We were able to smell their rendezvous. We could sense their feelings of being together. They were afraid that we would be able to sense their feelings. Though we had shown them that we didn’t care.

All we cared about was their enjoyment of their feelings of being together. All we wanted was for her to be happy, no matter her feelings were temporary or continuously. All we wanted was that she was smiling for the first time after being reincarnated. A happy smile. Without burdens. And carefree.

Yes, that was all we cared about.

Note: translation from ‘dia dan ia’

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