the chirping birds

I have never been this afraid…
To hear chirping birds
I used to smile and laugh..
When hearing their crazy tunes

Those beautiful tunes slowly lost its sound
Many times questions and comments aroused
Unlike the old days…
Sense has seemed to lost its way..

It kills the roots of trees near by
The leafs are not as green as before..
Confusion led to cautious  thoughts
Where cautious sense are also being mold

Between the birds..
Between the trees..
Amongst the leafs..

How those tunes still beautifully sounded
How I still wanting to hear those tunes
How I miss to hear those squeaky chirps…
Without loosing its sense of wits..

2 thoughts on “the chirping birds

  1. I liked it very much, I am sure you believe that spring will be back bringing HOPE along with chirping birds and green leafs. Thank you for sharing this

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